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Plugin Development

X-DLNA includes a javascript plugin system to detect media information in web pages.

The plugin's structure is very simple, the implementation may be more complex.

description:	plugin description
author:		plugin author
domain_filter:	part of domain name
version:	plugin version

var plugin_name = {
   init: function () {
      //runs before document creation

   onmutation: function (mutation) {
      // runs on document changes
      console.log(mutation);  //to see what happens

   onload: function () {
      // runs after page load

You can see the console log using a Chromium based browser (e.g. Google Chrome)
at http://localhost:24288 (You can change the port number in preferences).

When you find a media in web page you can easily send informations to X-DLNA
using the function:

   caller: 'name',			// e.g. plugin_name 
   text: 'Media #',			// tag on media container 
   progAdd: 1,				// 1-0 increment or not the media no. 
   tagObj: 'element_id',		// where the tag will be displayed
   mime: 'mime_type',			// e.g. mp4
   quality: 'media_quality',		// e.g. HD720
   title: 'media_tile',
   url: 'media_url'
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